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Igor's Blog

This is a personal blog that leans towards the technical side of things and I post regularly about topics related to programming, Apple, 3D printers, games, etc. There is no single focus point for this blog, it's really a collection of notes that I started recording primarily for myself, but eventually it grew into something bigger.

300 George Street Blogumentary

This blog is following the construction and development of the building complex planned for 300 George Street.


This web site provides free online string function tools.

RAWS Parts Online

RAWS Parts online store offers a wide range of bolts, nuts, inserts, brackets, car manuals, placards, child restraint anchorage (CRA) kits and other parts for your imported vehicles and compliance needs.


Mouslr - Mouse Tracking Pixel Art! This is an App to convert your mouse movements and clicks to gorgeous art!

Riverside Expressway Cam

This is a cam facing South-East and looking along the Riverside Expressway in Brisbane, Australia. The cam is updated every 2 minutes.

Designed Sites

Top Gear Vehicle Imports,,

Top Gear Vehicle Imports is a Registered Automotive Workshop specialising in unique and exotic Japanese and European vehicles.